hi, i'm justin.

about me

I'm an incoming student at UW currently studying english & cs.

I love working on meaningful projects - whether that's for educating myself through learning new stuff such as a simple interpreter or creating helpful tools for classes.

web development is also another passion of mine, which i've combined with my interest in competitive programming through competitions such as the USACO.Guide Informatics Tournament and the CerealCodes programming contest.

if you'd like to see more web dev projects I've worked on, feel free to take at look at Project Luna and Project Green World.

last but definitely not least, I love reading. if you've recommendations for any genre but in particular mystery, fantasy, and realistic fiction, do feel free to let me know!

pop culture

i listen to music frequently - i've shared a few favorites below from various genres, so you can get a pretty good indicator of what i like!


i'm honored that you want to find ways to potentially view my work or contact me further. you can reach me via e-mail at [email protected], or view my github if you're curious on what i'm up to.